Curios has been notified by CryptoDJs that they are shutting down their entire NFT project. We feel obligated to notify the community and customers of CryptoDJs. We sincerely apologize that this has happened to you, and we were defrauded just as you were.

In spite of CryptoDJs actions, we will continue to maintain your ability to transfer out your token(s) to your own wallet free of charge (Curios will even absorb the GAS costs).

If you have tokens you would like to transfer out, please send an email to [email protected] and we will reply with instructions.

If you would like to contact CryptoDJs, here is their company information:

CryptoDJs GmbH
Kirchwerder Landweg 372
21037 Hamburg, Germany

Geschaftsfuhrer: Christian Lea, Dan Duncan

Eingetragen: HRB Hamburg 173122

Enter password to access: